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Industrial chemicals

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Skyy Industrial & Chemicals Limited maintains a full Service team offering a wide range of servicing.

We also service and maintain equipment and machines that are not supplied by Skyy Industrial & Chemicals Limited. Our technical team will visit your laboratories to quote for installa5ons as well as annual service contracts.

Emergency Service Calls With Skyy Industrial & Chemicals ltd Service Department, you can rely on the efficiency and exper5se that comes with experience. In all instances we seek to minimize your down5me and provide a prac5cal, cost effec5ve and 5mely solu5on to whatever problem you might experience with your equipment

Service Contracts We believe that all equipment serviced regularly, will give a higher degree of performance and reliability and hence value for money used in the purchase of such equipment. Such protec5on can be provided by a Service Contract which guarantees you reassurance and peace of mind at a known cost.

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Welcome to Skyy Industrial & Chemicals Limited

Skyy Industrial & Chemicals Limited is a Company that was founded with the overall inten5on of providing biomedical, health laboratory and public health supplies to the East Africa Region (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania). The Company is incorporated both in Kenya and Tanzania and has a procurement subsidiary based in the United States of America.

Our Vision: To become the leading biomedical, public health and health laboratory supplier in the region by 5mely providing quality and cost effec5ve biomedical laboratory, public health supplies and superior technical support to research and health facili5es within the East and Central African Region.


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