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Chemical Supply

Skyy Industrial & Chemicals Limited intends to become a partner in these efforts by making every effort.

to provide cost effec5ve superior laboratory and public health materials and technology and back-up technical support in order to help bring the laboratory and health systems generally to interna5onal standards..

We are guided by the desire to be a source for con5nuing educa5on to public health, laboratory staff and laboratory policy makers, making every effort to promote a seamless transfer of the state-of-the-art technologies to the laboratories and health centers in the region..

The company has provided supplies of laboratory equipment and reagents to a number of Government Departments, Research and Higher Educa5on Ins5tu5ons within the East Africa Region and interna5onal agencies working in these areas such as Kenya Bureau Of Standards, Interna5onal Livestock Research Ins5tute (ILRI), Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Interna5onal Rescue CommiYee, Kenya Medical Research Ins5tute (KEMRI), KenyaYa Na5onal Hospital, PharmAccess Interna5onal, World Health Organiza5on, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Medical Stores Department, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences Dar es University of Dar Es Salaam, Mkwawa University College of Educa5on, ICAP Tanzania, PATH Interna5onal, Red Cross among others. We supply a wide range of laboratory and Hospital equipment and reagents such as; biosafety cabinets, laboratory freezers, centrifuges, autoclaves, water baths, incubators, specialized microscopes, laboratory shakers/mixers, Dry shippers, Elisa, readers, washers, cool boxes, laboratory trolleys & chairs, thermal cyclers among others. This ensures a thorough coverage of all sectors within a hospital setup such as Surgical/Theatre, Gynecological, Ophthalmic, Dental and Imaging etc. Aware of the need for complete protec5on for the personnel involved in laboratory and medical work against possible infec5ons, our company has also taken a keen interest in the supply of high quality FDA approved PPE (Personal ProtecGve Equipment) to our clients. This generally includes; Gloves (medium, small, large), Tyvek Coveralls (medium, small, large), N95 par5culate respirators, Surgical masks, Boo5es (protec5ve shoe covers), Disposable Gowns, Glove boxes, Disposable face shields, Chemical splash/Impact Goggles, Bouffant Caps (protec5ve head cover) amongst others. We have a procurement subsidiary based in the United States and headed by a trained microbiologist with a PhD in cellular and molecular virology..

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Welcome to Skyy Industrial & Chemicals Limited

Skyy Industrial & Chemicals Limited is a Company that was founded with the overall inten5on of providing biomedical, health laboratory and public health supplies to the East Africa Region (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania). The Company is incorporated both in Kenya and Tanzania and has a procurement subsidiary based in the United States of America.

Our Vision: To become the leading biomedical, public health and health laboratory supplier in the region by 5mely providing quality and cost effec5ve biomedical laboratory, public health supplies and superior technical support to research and health facili5es within the East and Central African Region.


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